Exploring Mixed-Race Identities

For my Final Interpretive Project for HIST 441: Oral History, I have created a podcast called Exploring Mixed-Race Identities that seeks to understand how age, gender, and era growing up influence how mixed-race family members identify themselves racially and feel about their heritage. For this podcast, I interviewed three of my family members, who are all part Japanese, part white. Their descriptions, as well as my podcast, are below.

This is my dad, Thomas Hobbs. He is 51 years old, born in 1969. He is a retired Marine Corps colonel and is currently a government contractor.

This is my younger brother, Samuel Hobbs. He is 18 years old, born in 2003. He is currently a high school senior, soccer player, and DoorDash delivery driver.

This is my Aunt Priscilla Muhlenkamp. She is 49 years old, born in 1972. She is an immigration attorney.